5 04, 2010

Clean up orphan items in SharePoint Farm

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Clean up orphan items in SharePoint Farm Here is the issue with orphan items in SharePoint site: There are many ways to resolve this issue Solution 1: Use Enumallwebs Stsadm operation from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd789634(v=office.12).aspx Use Deletesite Stsadm operation from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc261873(v=office.12).aspx   Solution 2: Upcoming…

5 04, 2010

Using SharePoint 2013 Folder

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Using SharePoint 2013 Folder Advantages Scale by partitioning a document library. To apply permissions more effectively. To use location based default metadata properties. You can set default metadata values for every folder. In 'Library settings', 'Column Default Value settings', you can set defaults on all of you subfolder starting from the root(inherits by default). Also [...]

5 04, 2010

Sharepoint Default Groups and Permission Levels

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Sharepoint Default Groups and Permission Levels SharePoint Team Site Template Other SharePoint Site Template (i.e. publishing site template) Available default groups Visitors Restricted Readers Members Style Resource Readers Owners Designers Viewers Approvers Hierarchy Managers Available default permission levels View Only View Only Limited Access Limited Access Read Read Edit Edit Contribute Contribute Design Design Full [...]

5 04, 2010

Azure Learning Path

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A path to learning the essentials of Azure … If you don't know where is the start point for learning Azure. You come to the right place. Below is a path to learn the essentials of Azure … Below is the links to 4 training sessions from MVA, Microsoft Virtual Academic: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: https://mva.microsoft.com/en-us/training-courses/microsoft-azure-fundamentals-8391 Microsoft Azure [...]

4 04, 2010

SharePoint Online’s Limitations

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SharePoint Online's Limitations Know your limits! Migrations to SharePoint Online (SPO) have some significant limitations when compared to migrations from on-premises environments to on-prem, or to dedicated offerings such as Office 365-D (Microsoft’s dedicated service), Azure, AWS, Rackspace and other environments. These limitations have a significant impact not only on what is possible with migrations [...]

14 03, 2010

Clean up IIS log in SharePoint Server

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Sometimes you may experience an issue with Disk storage exceeding due to IIS log files on your servers. This is the good time to clear the log file of IIS. I have done a scheduled job for my all servers by using the Task Scheduler. Follow the following steps to schedule a cleanup job for IIS log [...]