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April 2010

Add Icon for Webpart Tilte

This is a very basic about using SharePoint webpart. SharePoint Webpart comes with a lot of features that we can use to customize a beautiful webpart. I [...]

Convert a sub site to site collection

Convert a sub site to site collection on SharePoint Online Since we don't have many options to move sites around on SharePoint Online environment like [...]

SharePoint Administration Groups Level

Server or farm level Farm Administrators group Members of the Farm Administrators group have Full Control permissions to and responsibility for all servers in the server [...]

SharePoint Useful Links

Useful Links for SharePoint folks SharePoint – Key Descriptions and Terminologies Uploading Large Files to SharePoint People-Picker functionality in SharePoint Remote Blob Storage (RBS) in [...]

No hotfix for SharePoint 2010

After October 13th, 2015, There will be no hotfix for SharePoint 2010. If you still have SharePoint farm running on SharePoint 2010, you may really [...]

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