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April 2016

Free Office for Student and Teacher

Free Office for Student and Teacher If you have eligible school email. You may interest by using free Office tools from Microsoft. Just use your [...]

Site Contents modern UI change

The modern document library has being released for a few months. Starting August 1, 2016, you will begin seeing a change to SharePoint sites with [...]

June 2012

Clearing the InfoPath Cache

 Clearing the InfoPath Cache When you load an InfoPath form, it is cached in the following location on your machine:           C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\InfoPath\[FormCache2] When [...]

Copying SharePoint 2010 Workflows

 Copying SharePoint 2010 Workflows When working with SharePoint Workflows, we are usually required to moving or copying a workflow that is created using SharePoint designer [...]

Execution permission cannot be acquired

 Execution permission cannot be acquired Error Overview Execution permission cannot be acquired. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. [...]

User not in directory

User not in directory, External access issue on SharePoint Online Overview User can't be found in the tenant.sharepoint.com directory. This is a common issue when your [...]

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